Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Details

I wanted to make sure to remember the little details that start to change around our house this time of year. Admittedly, I have been horrible in the decorating department. Turns out, decorating takes time, a plan and some kind of commitment to the task. And right now, in our second Christmas as a married couple, we do not really have a lot of Christmas decorations. We have our tree from last year which our very small puppy and very tiny kitten managed to destroy. That has yet to come out from under the house. I think we both had visions of a very large pup and decent sized kitten scaling that thing and the chaos that would follow.
As December has gone on Mom has kept showing up with little bits of Christmas that she felt like I needed. And I have needed it. I need to be reminded to slow down and cherish the days leading up to this holiday, to take joy in the little pleasures, not to get too wrapped up in the bigger picture. I hope that someday I will look back at these pictures and realize how "little" our Christmases started out and hopefully, someday, see how much we have grown. Right now, I am thankful for my mother's sweet gifts that will be the start of our very own Campbell traditions. 

Our baby tree. A gift from my mom. She thought we must have a tree. She was right, we've really enjoyed it!

Our Christmas Angel, and keeper of the Christmas cards. Also, a gift from my mom.

Mom gave us our first nativity this year. 

I have had this angel since I was little. Each year I would look forward to getting her out for Christmas. I have very dear memories of falling asleep to her lit candle.  

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