Sunday, January 19, 2014

Thanksgiving 2013

This post is way delayed but I've been excited to share it with you because of a brilliant idea my mom had. It is no secret that we are a fairly unphotogenic family. I'm not sure how it happens, but you get all of us together and, bam, the most unphotogenic of photos are produced. It's disturbing really. So Mom came up with the idea to ask Abby to come over and take some decent pictures of us in hopes that something would turn out! Well, Abby worked her magic and behold: family photos. It was also super fun to have Abby to celebrate part of the day with us as well!

Bro Jeep working BBQ magic

Eyes are open! Everyone is gathered! Incredible, really.

Pit master Avery helping out.

Dom, Abby's second shooter. ;)

My Aunt Cynthia and Uncle Jeff

Kitchen chaos

One of my favorite pictures of the day. Mom and Abby and I. These ladies are so very dear to me.

Caitlin and Campbell


Stephone and I!

The Brady's minus Dana

Girls, girls, girls.

A Very Campbell Christmas

Since Andrew and I started dating we had to figure out how we were going to do holidays because both of our families live in the same area. We consider this a huge blessing but soon learned that splitting holiday time can be hard because you want to be in two places at once! What works for us is spending the majority of Thanksgiving with the Labberton's and the majority of Christmas with the Campbell's, although we usually end up seeing some of both sides. I meant to post holiday pictures sooner but now looking back at these is fun!

I worked the night of Christmas Eve and was lucky enough to get off a few hours early Christmas morning. I came home and slept for a few hours before we headed over to Andrew's parents house. 
We always have a casual Christmas breakfast.
Andrew quite excited with his Jack Daniels.
I'm fairly certain this is me being grossed out by one of the treats Andrew picked out for the pups. 

On Christmas evening Andrew's aunt and uncle hosted dinner and a poetry reading. I think people were really hesitant to participate in the poetry reading but it actually was quite fun and very funny to see what people came up with. Snaps all around!

Thursday, January 9, 2014


This morning holds a simple cup of coffee, at home, in my jammies. 
This week has brought a huge change of perspective for Campbell and I. God's mercy and protection have seemed painfully near. We have been brought to our knees in prayers and up with cheers in praise. So this morning, the simple cup of coffee, accompanied with the renewed awareness that this too, is a gift, fills the heart up.