Monday, August 26, 2013

//40 Years//

Today marks Mom and Dad's 40th Wedding Anniversary! I can honestly say that I have had front row seats to see what a great marriage really looks like. I don't think that any marriage is easy, but Mom and Dad sure have done a great job of making it work and enjoying the ride! I feel so blessed to say that I have two parents that genuinely love and respect one another and that honestly enjoy spending time together (still!!!! haha). They have done so much of life together and make a pretty rad team. Mom and Dad, here's to you! And to many more years! 

This is kind of a random picture, I think they were all really exhausted at this point, but I love this moment. This is Josh and them in the waiting room right before they met Lexi, their second granddaughter.

Magic Kingdom, happy kids. 

Ready to go play at the parks!

I crack up every time at the look on Kira's face in this one! But I think this picture shows how fruitful a marriage can be!

Party animals.

Both of them giving me away. The marriage that I have and celebrate with Campbell could not have been possible without the excellent examples we both have been given. What a gift!

Keep rocking Mom and Dad!
Caitlin and Campbell

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sunriver Anniversary Trip : Year 2

For our second anniversary we went to Sunriver, the same place that we spent our honeymoon. It was absolutely the best place to relax and we had the best time! We usually end up getting some kind of deal by calling the front desk. It seems like usually we get a night free for staying a few nights in a row.  If you're thinking of going I highly recommend calling to see if you can save some cash. We take our bikes and bike everywhere! It is such a nice break from the car. I also tried to be really mindful for forgetting my phone. I did a pretty good job of unplugging and just being present. It was so nice to be unhooked from my phone!
Andrew golfed, I sat by the pool and read. It was wonderful! Very rarely will I let myself sit down and read a book guilt free. It felt indulgent to sit and read for a couple of hours!! Heaven!

Cheers to two years!!

I have a picture with almost every boxer I have ever met. It's awkward and I'm pretty sure it embarrasses the heck out of Campbell, but, there's that.

This my friends, is The Tiki Room shirt. 

Hers and his.

Proof that Campbell was hanging out in a coffee shop with me. 

Only in Sunriver. 

On the course.

First real spa experience.

Cheers to our second anniversary!

True to form.

I honestly have no idea what I was doing at this point. Escaping?


Back porch conversations. 

This was fun. I think Andrew was in heaven. Wife/golf combo: for the win.

Because I am horribly inappropriate. 


Last loop before we left.

One of our favorite places in the whole world. 

The manager had chocolate covered strawberries waiting in our room for us when we arrived.


Forgot a bottle opener, whoops.

Self-timer, haha.

My golfer babe.

Reedy Wedding Closer - Random Mishmash.

Because I took SO. Many. Pictures. I decided that one post would be the final catch all. This is just for my own documentation so that when I print my blog I have a full collection of the year in review. Blah blah blah. Some of these pictures are important to me because they are the small, silly, seemingly insignificant moments, but some of the most fun!

The look of sarcasm that Danielle is receiving. Haha, whoops. 

In true form. 

Ceremony. Somehow I failed to get a really good picture of how pretty the setting was. 
Neighbor's beautiful garden. 
Happy! So happy!
The following photos are from either mine or Campbell's iPhone:
Man couch.

Early morning set up after very little sleep. Priceless.

Miss Dione.
This has something to do with golf. I think? Attractive, no?
 This photo needed more than a caption because I seriously had the most fabulous time dancing with Danielle! We danced and danced and danced!  We were probably "those girls" at the wedding but we were having the best time! We were being silly and must have danced for hours! 

It was hard to get a good picture of this but this kid totally rocked out! He asked the DJ to play Gangnam Style and he owned. The best part was that his mom was out there with him for every move. What a cool mom! It was a really fun memory! Naomi, her Dad and brother also laid it down!

Okay Lauren and Garrett - you're up next!!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Before Coffee

I will now illustrate how much these folks love having me take pictures before coffee has been fairly distributed. I like to capture the "as we really are" moments. Others seems to appreciate these moments less...

They love it, I promise.