Monday, November 4, 2013

Mom Jeans: Things I Swore I'd Never Do

 1. I will never wear leggings as pants, I said.
2. I will never do outfit photos, I said.

Everett admiring the zippers. 

I know, I know. But man, look at these babies. 
Not only are they leggings,
not only am I wearing them as pants,
but these babies belong to my MOTHER.
She had these leggings that looked ah-mazing on her, so of course I snatched them up. Thanks be to the heavens she is an excellent share-er!
I loved how thick these leggings were. While they are def still leggings these babies keep all the jiz locked and loaded. Not wibble wobble here ladies. These things are the real deal.
I will have to give these back to Mom at some point, so I've set my sights on these beauties: mmmhmmm

Photo credit for all of these photos goes to my awesome husband Campbell. He couldn't help but get in on the action: haha.

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  1. Legging pants! Welcome to the dark side, my friend. ;)