Sunday, June 30, 2013

//2 Years//

I can't believe that on Tuesday we will have been married for two, whole, entire, years! It really is crazy how time has flown by. It does not seem possible that our wedding was two years ago. For each day of marriage I am so thankful. Campbell really is the best husband I could have possibly dreamed of. He's so funny. This guy makes me laugh everyday. He sings, like a wild man. He make any athletic endeavor look easy. He is serious, but never takes the hard stuff to seriously. He's the best kind of balance for me. 
The last few weeks I feel like I've only seen him coming and going. I am so thankful for the chance to get away for a few days and just be married. When we were picking a honeymoon destination one of my requirements was that it be a place that we could visit often. We are heading back to our honeymoon spot this weekend to relax and make more memories in the exact same place we spent the very first precious days of our marriage. 
Here's to golfing, coffee drinking, reading, biking, hiking, swimming and golf ball hunting, for many years to come!
Caitlin and Campbell

Friday, June 28, 2013

Technology Lost

This is a totally random post, and mostly just a brain dump. But, maybe you can relate.
My best friend has been traveling for the last week and half in Turkey. She is taking an amazing trip and I love getting little updates from her and seeing her excitement. While she has been gone however, I have realized, how small technology makes our world. While she has been gone she has not had access to the connectivity that we usually enjoy. She lives in California and I do not see her on anything near to a regular basis, but she is most definitely a part of my daily life. I think that I have taken all of the technology that we use for granted. I am able to have an up to the minute friendship with my gal who lives in California while I'm hanging up here in the Pacific Northwest. How cool is that?!?! I know that over the last week I have realized that I do not appreciate it enough. It has been weird to know that if I needed to talk to her, I would not be able to. Normally, I know that if there is something that must be discussed with Stephanie I can pick up my phone, my computer, my iPad and dial her up and break it down. I know that at any minute I can have access to her and her heart and her wisdom. It has been so strange knowing that if I needed to talk to her I'd have to write it down.
That's a concept.
I freakin cannot wait for her to get back to the homeland.

{Summer Reading List}

I buy books as a hobby. I love bookstores, used and new. Mostly used, I feel like those books have better history. I find it fun to enjoy a story that someone has traveled before me. Because I buy so many books I have a tendency to buy more instead of reading what I have on my shelf. I also tend to read several books at once. It really depends what I'm in the mood for. You too? This morning I picked a few out of my own library that I have been meaning to read but have not gotten to. The following made my summer reading list:

The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson.  I have heard good things about this book and since at one point in my life I worked at a fair I usually enjoy books that surround the curious events and people surrounding fairs of all kinds. I loved Night Circus for that reason. People say this one is a page turner.

Desiring God by John Piper. Stephanie and I are still working our way through this book. Not because it isn't amazing, but because it is rich. Reading this book quickly would feel like eating an entire cheesecake in one sitting. There is a lot to be digested. I have read several passages/sections more than once. I take notes, discuss it, break it down.

7: an experimental mutiny against excess by Jen Hatmaker. I bought this book a few months ago, and honestly, I'm terrified to start it. I love shopping. I'm afraid to combat the excess in my life. But I'm also excited to be challenged by this book.

The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. This was a book club book that I failed to read. I think this book interests me to see how someone goes about looking for happiness in the secular world. I keep thinking "she must find God", right? Down at the bottom of it all? We shall see. I'm guessing she doesn't find God, but starts a blog or pilates or something. I'll report back.

Kisses from Katie by Katie Davis. I picked this up months and months ago at Barnes and Noble. This gal goes to Uganda and adopts 13 children. (I'm going to go ahead and guess she already found Jesus, in case you were wondering.)

Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand. I basically have no clue what this book is about but everyone who has read it swears it's ah-maze-zing.

So there you have it! What made your summer reading list? I'd love suggestions!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Taming the Beast: Bathroom Organization

Our master bathroom was out. of. control. Part of the problem is that we have a huge linen closet in the bathroom, which Campbell loving calls the bathroom "pantry." No, no food is kept in the bathroom. Anyway, that baby is huge and stores everything. Easily. So I just kept shoving crap in there. Until, two weeks ago, I could not take it any longer. I had to restore order and peace to the master bath. I wanted to actually be able to see what I had in there. 
Okay, so now we boldly view the before...
Go ahead, judge me.

We will now be relieved and have our faith in humanity restored as we view the AFTER!!!

Any idea with what I should do with the glass thingy in the middle, aside from store glasses?

Campbell announced that he would like one of the three drawers that I was previously hogging. This is the man drawer. Bor-ing. But do not say I don't share.

My favorite part is the mason jars in the back. 

Mmmhmm, just admire that view.

Vases of nail polish. Brings a tear to my eye. And my fav mug housing the brushes I use on the daily.

One whole EMPTY shelf. There is shopping to be done! Go forth! 

I'm glad that's over. It was sort of awkward seeing how messy it was before, no?
Ladies and gentlemen, the bathroom beast, she has been tamed. 
(Yes, she's a girl. Obviously.)

Throw Back

Recently I found Andrew's old point-and-shoot sitting out on our dresser and decided to take a gander. What I found was comedic gold. Andrew never takes pictures, but he also never deletes pictures. So there, sitting so unassumingly was a little documentation of our life before we were married. These are by no means "good" pictures, but they made me laugh so hard I had to share. All of these are from before we were Caitlin and Campbell (officially).

Proof that I do in fact camp. Sort of. 

Andrew in his beloved half sleeve golf half zip. Lots of halves. Hope that baby was half off, because dang, we only got half a freakin jacket there.
 I believe this is from the skiing trip in which Andrew tried to kill me. Was this Bachelor? Do any you in the Campbell crew remember? Or is this Hood?
Apparently we were engaged. Boom.

The first documented evidence of Scott. 

Post ski ice hair was almost too sexy for this little blog.  
I could not stop laughing when I saw the look I was giving my mother-in-law-to-be. Clearly I wasn't sold on the hand warmers? Who knows.

We are probably saying something obnoxious like shred the gnar or sick pow pow.  Either way, who acts like this in from of their fiances parents? Ladies and gentlemen. 

Sibs. Love them both.

I know for sure this is Bachelor and apparently I forgot my ski jacket because I'm wearing Naomi's? Huh?

Northwest Joesten.

Sunriver Resort Lodge. New Years??? What am I 90? Why do I not remember my own life?! 
I just really liked this picture. I feel that most of my photos of L and G involve G doing something to irritate L. Aren't they cute?...soon to be Mr and MRS!

I didn't share a lot of house pictures when we were going through the building process. I felt like it was bragging somehow. However, since then I have worked many nights in a hospital and realized that life is pretty darn short, so let's celebrate our blessings, shall we? 
Really expensive dirt.

Campbell with aforementioned dirt.

Let's take a moment and acknowledge how dark those hairs are. Dark. It was fall. Don't hate.

Phew! We did it. Thursday has been thrown back. 

Friday, June 7, 2013

Summer Evening Routine

Campbell has started this evening routine with Avery and Everett. Around 7 pm Avery gets the itch and starts circling, waiting for him to put his shoes on. Then they grab the frisbee and head up to the school. Lately, Everett has been going with them as well. When I'm not working I like to tag along. Last night, Campbell was at golf league so the evening routine was up to me. Walking up to the school with a dog and a cat following you feels a bit like a parade and a whole lot ridiculous. No matter how ridiculous there is something soul anchoring in routine. Simple, predictable, daily: routine.

Mr. E marching up to play. You can see our house in the background, thankfully the school is not far.

This picture cracks me up because she looks so dang happy. 

Pictures of Mr. Everett are dang near impossible.

The two of them running together as fast as they could go.

She wanted nothing to do with taking a picture with me.