Tuesday, October 8, 2013

>>On Our Walk Today>>

Proof that she can be trusted off her leash. It's been a long time coming folks.

Fall brush.

First fallen.

Bursting with color, look at these beauties!

I toted my camera along for our walk today and it was so fun to seek out the beauty of this season! I love living in a place that has seasons, but I rarely take the time to capture the beauty that comes with the change. It was fun to see what I could find just on our little walking loop. 

And because I cannot stop giggling when I look at this photo...
2'6'', 45 lbs.


  1. Hahaha! That is my new favorite pic of Avs. ;)

    1. Doesn't she look guilty?! I was admiring the fence for pictures and wanted to test out getting a picture in front of it, thinking for holiday cards, fall scene, etc and I end up with this Puppy Mug.