Friday, November 22, 2013

McCulloch Nuptials//Jolly Rogers

This past weekend was filled with so many things that made my heart so full. First of all, Lauren and Garrett tied the knot! It was such a blessing to watch them commit their lives to one another. Second, because of said nuptials, all the Gonzaga Girls were reunited. It was such a fun weekend! It's fun to see how we have all grown and changed and now how our boys fit into the mix and have taken one another on as "bros," their word, not mine. I am so thankful for each and every time that I get to be with these ladies and dearly cherish my friendship with each one of them! Also, I cannot stop calling Lauren "Mrs. McCulloch"! It's just so fun!

Naomi, Lauren, Me and Danielle. Lauren was ABSOLUTELY stunning. 

Nomes and I pre-wedding at a bar called Calamity Jane. Their slogan is as follows, "Where all the girls can kick your ass." Challenge accepted.

Mr and Mrs Campbell

My boys: Campbell and B Martin.

The coolest venue ever.

Dione! (She's hard to trick into a photo) Campbell! Nomes!

Mrs. Reedy admiring the ring that will soon make Danielle Mrs. Martin. So fun!

A better friend none can find.

Hugs for the bride.

Real men carry clutches. Campbell showing his support.

Josh and I have a pretty fabulous series of ridiculous pictures from the evening. 

Andrew was so happy they had Coors Light! We found out later that this beer option was made available just for him at the request of the bride and groom. You know you have found good friends when they allow Coors Light to be served at their wedding just because they know it's your favorite!

Mr and Mrs McCulloch
Cheers to many happy years ahead!

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  1. Obviously, at Danielle's wedding we're going to have to get a pic of all the husbands together showing off their rings. Love these pics, and you! See you soon!