Saturday, February 2, 2013

P52 Catch Up

It is no surprise to be that right off the bat I have to do a "catch up". This is how I roll with New Year's Resolutions or plans for my photography. But the point is this: while I may be doing a catch up post, I have been taking the pictures, and using my camera was the point of this goal. One of the things that I have noticed is that I do not take nearly enough photos. I need to take a large quantity and then see what is good. Even though I often feel like I am taking a lot of photos, I get home and realize I could have taken so many more. Therefore, goal within a goal: take more photos to have more options for P52.

Week 2
On the way to the Magic Kingdom
Week 3
Magic Kingdom at night, my favorite time to be at the park. I like that this photo captures the feeling of the bustle of the evening.

Week 4
E man.

There will probably be a lot of photos of Everett in this project. He is a challenge to get a good photo of. It seems that I always wind up with loads of pictures of Avery and very few of Everett. This is usually for no better reason than the fact that Avery will sit for a picture and can be bribed with a treat, while Everett, in true cat form, obeys no one. He is usually seen as a blur running out of the frame.

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