Monday, January 7, 2013

A Campbell Christmas {outtakes}

In an attempt to get us all in one photo on Christmas morning we propped the camera up and set it for automatic shoot and did the best we could to corral the two critters. Brilliant, right? Should be easy, right? Avery missed the concept, Everett tried to escape, and can see what happened. It's fairly hilarious when your camera recognizes your dog's butt as a face to focus on and blurs you and Husband in the background. Enjoy our outtakes!

There she is folks, in all her glory: the backside of Avery.

Avery chose to finally sit, right in front so she was totally blocking Andrew and Everett.  Basically, our world tends to revolve around her. (and she knows it!!)

Yes, we're in our jammies, yes, we have bed head, but, we are together, healthy and happy. Besides Everett, I don't think he was too thrilled with the situation ;)
Happy New Year! 
Caitlin and Campbell (Avery and Everett too!)

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