Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cultivating: Growing a Home

My friend Jenny and I had talked about potting plants for our homes but both discussed our poor track record with keeping plants alive. We often get these crazy ideas of projects that we should work on and convince one another to tackle them together. This challenge was no different. Despite our past failings we decided to give it a shot. We were quite proud of ourselves as we worked on this project. We picked out a few plants each and got to work. It was fun to work together on a something that I knew would brighten both of our homes! Also, we got to enjoy the most beautiful spring day! And of course, the pups were quite the helpers.

The goods.

Ranunculus won both of us over. 
Succulent love. And Toms, love those too.
Jenny getting down to business.  Her hyacinths smelt so good!

Jenny and Ziva are great buds to Avery and I. 

I love this picture because Ziva is so loving and always giving Avery the sweetest puppy kisses. 

They were thrilled. I promise. 

Luckily, the hubster came home for lunch so he could snap this photo of us with our hard work!

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