Sunday, March 3, 2013

Restaurant Review {The Marc}

Walla Walla Restaurant Review: The Marc
This weekend we wanted to celebrate the end of a period of waiting for Andrew and I, a period where we leaned heavily on the encouragement of others and a time when we realized (again, and again) how important our parent's are to us. We had Andrew's family over for dinner on Friday night, and unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures! On Saturday we wanted to go out to dinner with my parents. Tri-Cities does not abound with amazing restaurants so I put out a request for restaurant recommendations in Walla Walla. I got some great ideas from several lady friends and we decided to check out The Marc first. However, after getting several great "must-try's", I think we will be making many more trips to Walla Walla for dinner! We had a fabulous dinner at The Marc at the Marcus Whitman Hotel. It was a little fancy for Andrew's taste, but he made it through! 
At dinner I was also able to try the Viongier from K Vintners - I know very little about wine, but this was delicious, light, not to sweet and paired perfectly with my pasta dish! Dad tried the Chardonnay from L'ecole. I usually do not like Chardonnay but this one was surprisingly enjoyable. 
Prior to dinner Mom and I wanted to do a little shopping so we sent Dad and Andrew off to find a beer. When we were done shopping we found them watching basketball at Sweet Basil Pizzeria. They each had a beer on tap, but we cannot wait to go back to try the pizza, it looked amazing! 

Sweet Basil Pizzeria

Mom and Dad at dinner

Campbell and I at dinner
Thank you to everyone we suggested a dinner spot! We cannot wait to try them all!


  1. Woo! Sounds like a solid weekend, homes. Also: those are great pics of you all! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Dana! Thank you for reading it! That means a lot :)

  3. Well, if we ever make our way to Walla Walla, we'll have to check it out. I'm sure Andy would love the beer!
    On a slightly unrelated note, is that your 2 Sues Bag?! I'm still deliberating...