Sunday, May 5, 2013

Stephanie Comes to the Great Pacific Northwest

A few weeks ago The Best, Stephanie, came up for a much needed visit. Portland was on the agenda.  Naomi graciously offered to be our host. Two Bests in the same weekend. I was in heaven! When Keeno arrived, we stopped at the house to introduce her to A and E and stopped and Mom and Dad's so she could hug Mama Labberton and then off to Portland we went. 
It was so nice to be able to talk in person, face to face, shoulder to shoulder. It felt so refreshing to be able to really get into deep conversation and hash this life, this journey, out. Just being in the car together for hours was dreamy. I know how silly it sounds, but just the opportunity to sit and talk with this lady is a gift. It felt good to discuss what we are hoping, fearing, dreaming, feeling limited by. We always talk about all of these things, but to be able to share them in person with no limits on our time was the best.
We had all kinds of fun. We laughed. A lot. We shopped, drank more coffee than was probably safe, people watched, ate amazing meals, almost got knived, saw a man's bare butt donning only a thong and chaps. We explored Saturday Market, enjoyed the view from Naomi's house, savored the rain, took the bus like natives, got to worship together, found the cutest parking garage ever, drank delicious brews and simply enjoyed togetherness. It was lovely. 

Right off the plane! SO excited.
Mother's Bistro. Amen.
Nomes and I. 
Rain coats in full effect.
Bussin' it, like a boss.

Getting me addicted to cappuccinos...
Amazing desserts.
More cappuccino. 
Morning faces.
Shopping success.
We also did a little wine tasting. There will be another post on that. 

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