Friday, September 27, 2013

Welcoming Fall

Fall has come to the Pacific Northwest. Just the very beginning, first twinges of fall. The first crisp mornings, the first sweatshirt evenings, the first changes of color. Fall is by far my favorite season. This season is where my soul feels the most comfortable, and renewed. 
A few signs of fall around our home:

Everett napping on the couch which has nothing to do with fall. 

Hark! The return of the Ugg slippers. 

The neighbors tree starting to put on the beauty of the season.

The air conditioning is officially OFF.

Oxblood nails. Swoon!

Warm drinks.
Cheers to Fall!

This is also unrelated to fall but this quote resonated with me today.
"Our Christian hope is that we're going to live with Christ in a new earth, where there is not only no more death, but where life is what it was always meant to be."
Timothy Keller

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