Monday, August 26, 2013

//40 Years//

Today marks Mom and Dad's 40th Wedding Anniversary! I can honestly say that I have had front row seats to see what a great marriage really looks like. I don't think that any marriage is easy, but Mom and Dad sure have done a great job of making it work and enjoying the ride! I feel so blessed to say that I have two parents that genuinely love and respect one another and that honestly enjoy spending time together (still!!!! haha). They have done so much of life together and make a pretty rad team. Mom and Dad, here's to you! And to many more years! 

This is kind of a random picture, I think they were all really exhausted at this point, but I love this moment. This is Josh and them in the waiting room right before they met Lexi, their second granddaughter.

Magic Kingdom, happy kids. 

Ready to go play at the parks!

I crack up every time at the look on Kira's face in this one! But I think this picture shows how fruitful a marriage can be!

Party animals.

Both of them giving me away. The marriage that I have and celebrate with Campbell could not have been possible without the excellent examples we both have been given. What a gift!

Keep rocking Mom and Dad!
Caitlin and Campbell

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