Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bible Hoarder

When I dropped her off at the airport yesterday I was bummed. The Best was gone, back on her way to California. And then I got home and discovered she'd left me a sneaky little gift. She knew that I had wanted the thin line ESV, because, well,  I'm a Bible hoarder. Out of all things one could hoard I figure this is least harmful...I could hoard cats, or knives, or booze. Me, I hoard Bibles. Anyway, I was going to buy this one at Powell's and she jumped in and bought it for me because this is how we do birthday's. Fun, huh? What I didn't immediately know was that this is the EXACT Bible that she has. Be still, my Bible hoarding heart. She also wrote a personal inscription in it for me. Of which she wrote I cannot tell you because I cannot even think about reading it without tears springing to my eyes. This is a gift that I will surely treasure. And the coffee. Well. Come on.
There will be a post soon about all of our shenanigans while she was here. Naomi and Josh were our gracious hosts for a weekend in Portland. We tasted local wine. Discovered lots of delicious restaurants and indulged in lots and lots of girl talk.
As I said, dropping her off sucked. Sucked hard. But it was a relief knowing that I was sending her off to a home that she loves and where she is loved. It is a blessing to end a vacation weekend both returning to a life where we feel richly blessed. Coming home to a hot Husband didn't hurt so bad either. I didn't hate it ;)
Cue me bawling like a little girl.