Monday, April 8, 2013

{Year 27}

Today I turn 28.

In my 27th year I:

Grew into myself as a nurse. While still experiencing awkward growing pains.

Learned to sleep during the day.

Got a new niece, Lexi Jade.

Marveled at my brother's skills as a father to two little girls.

Sought a deeper relationship with Jesus.

Read books that challenged me.

Focused less on looks and more on sanity.

Took more pictures. Tried to edit them.

Stayed awake during more than one movie, all the way until the end.

Grew new friendships. Cherished old ones.

Walked with Campbell as he faced a big scary challenge.

Trusted God with the unknown.

Admired Husband's patience, persistance and continued peace.

Watched as friends and family came alongside and cheered us on.

Celebrated a new journey.

Was thankful for the little things. Things I might not have noticed before.

Got pooped on, puked on, bled on.

Had tube feeding sprayed in my face. And laughed.

Had so many, "Is this really my life?!?!?! I am SO lucky!!!!", moments.

Ran a half-marathon with Mom.

Cared for patients as they finished their lives, hoping and praying that I somehow gave them the dignity they deserved in those last hours.

Got to know my cousin Trent even better.

Did not make my bed nearly enough.

Fell even deeper in love with Husband.

Here's to year 28: to the peaks and the valleys, come what may.