Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sunriver Anniversary Trip : Year 2

For our second anniversary we went to Sunriver, the same place that we spent our honeymoon. It was absolutely the best place to relax and we had the best time! We usually end up getting some kind of deal by calling the front desk. It seems like usually we get a night free for staying a few nights in a row.  If you're thinking of going I highly recommend calling to see if you can save some cash. We take our bikes and bike everywhere! It is such a nice break from the car. I also tried to be really mindful for forgetting my phone. I did a pretty good job of unplugging and just being present. It was so nice to be unhooked from my phone!
Andrew golfed, I sat by the pool and read. It was wonderful! Very rarely will I let myself sit down and read a book guilt free. It felt indulgent to sit and read for a couple of hours!! Heaven!

Cheers to two years!!

I have a picture with almost every boxer I have ever met. It's awkward and I'm pretty sure it embarrasses the heck out of Campbell, but, there's that.

This my friends, is The Tiki Room shirt. 

Hers and his.

Proof that Campbell was hanging out in a coffee shop with me. 

Only in Sunriver. 

On the course.

First real spa experience.

Cheers to our second anniversary!

True to form.

I honestly have no idea what I was doing at this point. Escaping?


Back porch conversations. 

This was fun. I think Andrew was in heaven. Wife/golf combo: for the win.

Because I am horribly inappropriate. 


Last loop before we left.

One of our favorite places in the whole world. 

The manager had chocolate covered strawberries waiting in our room for us when we arrived.


Forgot a bottle opener, whoops.

Self-timer, haha.

My golfer babe.

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  1. Happy 2 year anniversary!! I'm also a huge lover of Boxer dogs hehe :)

    Rachel Emma
    Daydream Frenzy