Thursday, July 25, 2013

An Auntie's Bias

Last week I got to buzz over the mountains with mom and hang out with these two girls. They are seriously the best. Actually my brother is the best, and the fact that he has theses amazing sweet little bundles of goodness makes it 100 better. I've always loved my brother. A ton. But seeing him as a dad makes me weak in the knees. He is so sweet with his two girls and they absolutely adore him. When he walks in the room its so funny because Lexi will stare him down until he acknowledges her, then she can get back to the very serious business of getting into trouble! And Kira, whenever she suggested doing something she would say, "Daddy says this is ok" or when she was trying to convince me to hike through the woods near the playground with her, "Daddy says this is ok." Also, my brother is so hard working. He stays home with these two during the day and then goes to work in the evenings when his wife is home with the girls. I completely admire his dedication to be the dad that he is and am humbled by the fact that he never, ever complains. He's got to be a tired dude! 
Enough gushing about Josh. 
On to the girls!

Lexi Lou at the park (Actually her middle name is Jade, but what fun is being an auntie if not for fun nicknames???)
Kira doing my hair. Pure joy! For both of us. She is so girly and I couldn't be more thrilled!
Kira and my mom have the sweetest relationship. She love love loves her grandma!
 Lexi was napping when I took photos of Kira, so she gets a half naked debut: the life of a baby!
This is a little out of focus, but I still can't resist those big, blue eyes!
These two. Oh my. 

Grandma and Kira.


It was so funny because Kira kept smelling the flowers and getting pollen on her nose. Melt this poor auntie's heart why don't ya? She would also say the cutest things. For instance, she got this serious look on her face so I asked her what was wrong. She replies, "nothing," and smiles, "I'm just really happy!". I think I'll keep 3 forever. 3 is the best! 

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  1. Aww! So sweet! Sounds like you guys had a great day :)