Monday, July 22, 2013


I'm trying to learn to edit my photos in Aperture 3. I love the program and love that I can load my photos directly into the Aperture library. One thing that I struggle with is the process. I am the kind of lady that likes to rush right to the end, to be the best I can be without the growing pains. I get all wrapped up in making sure that I have the photo edited "perfectly" instead of just working with the photo, moving on, taking more photos, working with those photos, improving and practicing. I want to be PERFECT! I get hung up on the details. I never never never thought I would enjoy editing photos. I thought I just loved taking the photos, end of story. The more I edit the more excited I get about what can be done with the photos that I take.
So here's to the growing pains. 
Here's to looking back at these photos one day and laughing at how much I had to learn. 
Here's to how far I've already come. (Not all that far! ha ha!!!)
Here's to learning to enjoy the process!
This is true for all things in life, no?
Takes me so long to learn these things!

I'm working on this one here. I've decided that Andrew may be banned from wearing hats when I take photos of him. His face is always in the shadows! 
Horses on the golf course with Bachelor in the background!
Cheers to the process!


  1. Very lovely! I really enjoy editing photos.. I never thought that I would but I totally do! It is almost therapeutic :)

  2. You're sounding a little geeky, homes... Love it! ;)

    1. Oh gosh, it does sound geeky doesn't it?