Monday, July 15, 2013

Bridal Shower : Nomes

This weekend I got to spend time with Naomi and Lauren because we were celebrating Naomi's wedding shower! It was such a fun time to be together in anticipation of her coming wedding! It was also really cool to be back in Spokane with my Gonzaga gals (we missed you Danielle!). We even slumber partied on the floor at Naomi's grandmother's house, sleeping bags, late night gabbing and all. It was fantastic!
Rockwood Bakery in the morning! We were able to walk from Naomi's grandma's house, through Manito Park. It was fabulous!

Naomi and her grandmother, in her grandma's beautiful backyard. 
Nomes and her mom

Gonzaga girls

So blessed by these friendships.

Everyone is getting married! Yay for married friends! We will be celebrating Lauren this fall!

They are giving me the too-many-pictures-stop-now look.

Naomi's Aunt Beth hosted a beautiful shower, including these delicious cocktails. Champagne and fresh raspberries, yum! 
This is Rosie. When did I become a dog person???

I wish I would have gotten a better pictures of Grandma Beth, she was the most fabulous woman! Such class!!

We were really proud of ourselves because we found a great bar in downtown Spokane. What?? Zola had great small plates and drink specials. 

We had a chance to walk around campus which was so cool. It was really special to be back on campus with other people that have the same great memories there that I do, many of them shared. It was so peaceful to be walking around listening to the bells at St. Al's. Go Zags!!

Saying goodbye to the COG. It was really strange to see it torn down. 

What's left of the COG. 

Go Zags.

Kisses for Spike.

This is my favorite picture of the entire weekend. Love.


Umm, epic fail. Whoops. 
St. Ignatius of Loyola photobombing in the background. Nailed it.
I'm already looking forward to the wedding!
Also when I got home Andrew had cleaned the entire house, even unpacked my suitcase from our anniversary trip, SWOON!!!


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    1. Me too Lauren, me too! Next time around we will be celebrating you!