Thursday, June 13, 2013

Throw Back

Recently I found Andrew's old point-and-shoot sitting out on our dresser and decided to take a gander. What I found was comedic gold. Andrew never takes pictures, but he also never deletes pictures. So there, sitting so unassumingly was a little documentation of our life before we were married. These are by no means "good" pictures, but they made me laugh so hard I had to share. All of these are from before we were Caitlin and Campbell (officially).

Proof that I do in fact camp. Sort of. 

Andrew in his beloved half sleeve golf half zip. Lots of halves. Hope that baby was half off, because dang, we only got half a freakin jacket there.
 I believe this is from the skiing trip in which Andrew tried to kill me. Was this Bachelor? Do any you in the Campbell crew remember? Or is this Hood?
Apparently we were engaged. Boom.

The first documented evidence of Scott. 

Post ski ice hair was almost too sexy for this little blog.  
I could not stop laughing when I saw the look I was giving my mother-in-law-to-be. Clearly I wasn't sold on the hand warmers? Who knows.

We are probably saying something obnoxious like shred the gnar or sick pow pow.  Either way, who acts like this in from of their fiances parents? Ladies and gentlemen. 

Sibs. Love them both.

I know for sure this is Bachelor and apparently I forgot my ski jacket because I'm wearing Naomi's? Huh?

Northwest Joesten.

Sunriver Resort Lodge. New Years??? What am I 90? Why do I not remember my own life?! 
I just really liked this picture. I feel that most of my photos of L and G involve G doing something to irritate L. Aren't they cute?...soon to be Mr and MRS!

I didn't share a lot of house pictures when we were going through the building process. I felt like it was bragging somehow. However, since then I have worked many nights in a hospital and realized that life is pretty darn short, so let's celebrate our blessings, shall we? 
Really expensive dirt.

Campbell with aforementioned dirt.

Let's take a moment and acknowledge how dark those hairs are. Dark. It was fall. Don't hate.

Phew! We did it. Thursday has been thrown back. 

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