Friday, June 28, 2013

Technology Lost

This is a totally random post, and mostly just a brain dump. But, maybe you can relate.
My best friend has been traveling for the last week and half in Turkey. She is taking an amazing trip and I love getting little updates from her and seeing her excitement. While she has been gone however, I have realized, how small technology makes our world. While she has been gone she has not had access to the connectivity that we usually enjoy. She lives in California and I do not see her on anything near to a regular basis, but she is most definitely a part of my daily life. I think that I have taken all of the technology that we use for granted. I am able to have an up to the minute friendship with my gal who lives in California while I'm hanging up here in the Pacific Northwest. How cool is that?!?! I know that over the last week I have realized that I do not appreciate it enough. It has been weird to know that if I needed to talk to her, I would not be able to. Normally, I know that if there is something that must be discussed with Stephanie I can pick up my phone, my computer, my iPad and dial her up and break it down. I know that at any minute I can have access to her and her heart and her wisdom. It has been so strange knowing that if I needed to talk to her I'd have to write it down.
That's a concept.
I freakin cannot wait for her to get back to the homeland.

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