Thursday, June 13, 2013

Taming the Beast: Bathroom Organization

Our master bathroom was out. of. control. Part of the problem is that we have a huge linen closet in the bathroom, which Campbell loving calls the bathroom "pantry." No, no food is kept in the bathroom. Anyway, that baby is huge and stores everything. Easily. So I just kept shoving crap in there. Until, two weeks ago, I could not take it any longer. I had to restore order and peace to the master bath. I wanted to actually be able to see what I had in there. 
Okay, so now we boldly view the before...
Go ahead, judge me.

We will now be relieved and have our faith in humanity restored as we view the AFTER!!!

Any idea with what I should do with the glass thingy in the middle, aside from store glasses?

Campbell announced that he would like one of the three drawers that I was previously hogging. This is the man drawer. Bor-ing. But do not say I don't share.

My favorite part is the mason jars in the back. 

Mmmhmm, just admire that view.

Vases of nail polish. Brings a tear to my eye. And my fav mug housing the brushes I use on the daily.

One whole EMPTY shelf. There is shopping to be done! Go forth! 

I'm glad that's over. It was sort of awkward seeing how messy it was before, no?
Ladies and gentlemen, the bathroom beast, she has been tamed. 
(Yes, she's a girl. Obviously.)

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